With spring in sight, it is essential to set aside a warmish afternoon to make sure your sprinklers and emitters are working correctly.


If you have a lawn and you don't want to have brown and sad grass for the spring season, this is what you should have done to boost your chances of having a pretty, green lawn this year of 2020. 



If you have not checked your sprinkler system since you turned it off for the winter season you may want to do a run through to make sure it is working properly. Make sure that your controller has fresh batteries, and that it is plugged in. Make sure to test each zone properly but remember that pipes and poly pipes can still be frozen in some areas of your garden depending on where you live. If they seem to be frozen and there is no visible leak, let them be until you think the ground has warmed up enough for a test. 

After making sure your controller is working, move on to see if the sprinkler heads pop up. If they do then go around to each sprinkler to make sure that there are no leaks or areas that have low pressure. If you see areas of concern, you should make a call for service to best correct the problem.


Proper Sprinkler Care

The goal is still trying to achieve green grass; therefore, to get to that point, there are a couple more things left to do. When checking the sprinklers performance earlier, you may need to clean and replace the filters on the sprinkler heads that are not doing as well as the others. By doing this step, it allows you to be able to adjust the below-grade sprinklers to keep them from getting blocked.