I grew up in a nursery/garden center
Growing up I learned a lot from my Dad in terms of growing, gardening and plants.
In short, I am an arts and design professional with a lifelong experience from Europe and the Southwest area (NM) of USA.
I grew up at a lake
I loved fishing. Grilled perch was often on the menu since I caught a lot. Mom often times refused the pikes because I brought home too many.
Roses were a part of my life
Roses love New Mexico and bloom from April until November. I can be your rose consultant and pruner/caregiver.
Bulbs were a part of my life
Almost anything is possible here in New Mexico. I plant hundreds of bulbs every season (November through December). Ask me how you can get your spring thrill growing.
I love getting dirty and dusty
I am a part of my team. I am always present, working as well as overseeing the project.
I am working in a 3D program
How nice can it be to take a walk through your design?
New Mexico is the best place to be
You can grow a lot here as long as you have a good mentor. I can be that mentor for you.
Bees are forever
Or we are not going to be.
Pollination is everything.
I believe that anything is possible
Any place can become what you want it to be. I can show you how.
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